The Complete Guide To The Types Of CNC Machines

by Josephine Gutmann

CNC machining is also known as Computer Numerical Control machining, is the latest machining innovation. Its processes allow for the manufacture of parts through the use of computer software that is pre-programmed. The machining processes usually happen in a CNC machining shop. Furthermore, the procedures control a wide array of equipment: lathes, grinders, CNC routers, and mills. While in the market, you will notice that there are several types of CNC machines. Therefore, this post aims to update you on the typical types of CNC machines.

Five types of CNC machines

1. CNC milling machine

The CNC milling machine is one of the most popular CNC machines available in the market. It has inbuilt tools that help with cutting and drilling. The workpiece is usually positioned in the CNC milling machine, and a computer guides the machine to perform its functions of either cutting or drilling.

You will notice that the CNC milling machines are present in 3 configurations to 6 configurations in the market. One of the most common applications of the CNC milling machine is in the production of gears. The machine is also helpful in drilling workpieces to create a slot that can insert programs of a part into it. One of the best merits of the machine is that it is easy to operate. Furthermore, it can also be used for mass production.

2. CNC lathes machine

The CNC lathes machine’s common feature is its skill in turning materials during the manufacturing process. One of the CNC lathes machines is the CNC Swiss Lathes. The CNC Swiss lathes provide excellent support to the workpiece during the tooling process. The excellent support results in tighter or better tolerances. The workpiece bar slides and rotates axially via a holding mechanism into the CNC Swiss lathe. Thus, parts produced by the CNC lathes machine are highly precise.

3. CNC router machine

The CNC router machine is mainly used for cutting different materials. Some of the materials it can cut include; aluminum, steel, wood, foam, plastic, and composites. Additionally, the CNC router machine uses computer numerical control to direct the router tools on the paths that ensure the machine works effectively. One of the best benefits of the CNC router machine is its short lead-time, thus increasing productivity. Furthermore, it also reduces manufacturing waste.

4. CNC laser machine

CNC laser machines are used for engraving and cutting materials. It has a pointed router that ensures its processes are price. The machine heats the workpiece and ensures it vaporizes or melts, thus creating a cut in the workpiece. Generally, the workpiece to be heated is usually in sheet form. The laser beam then goes back and forth on the workpiece to ensure a precise cut is developed. Thus, the CNC laser machine ensures a high degree of precision is attained.

5. CNC drilling machine

The CNC drilling machine has several benefits. One of them is its fast processes. Its fast processes ensure that the machine is best used for mass production.


In a CNC machining shop, you can find several CNC machines types. One of the common benefits of the different CNC machine types is their ability to attain a high precision level. But, as you can note from above, the different machines use several processes to attain precision. Therefore, the type of machine used depends on one’s needs.

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